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SSA #54 Renewal Process

RPBA works to cultivate and sustain a thriving economic environment in Rogers Park, and one of the many ways it work towards this goal is by managing our community’s four special service areas (SSAs) – Howard Street #19, Clark/Morse/Glenwood #24, Devon Avenue #43, and Sheridan Road #54. These areas, commonly called Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that use their funds to expand services and programs in business districts throughout the City of Chicago (currently, the City has 52 SSAs). These services are in addition to services provided by the City and do not replace, but add to, city services.

SSA #54 has been serving Sheridan Road businesses since 2012 and needs to go through a formal reconstitution process to continue operating in 2021. RPBA is leading an extensive outreach and engagement process to learn from local businesses about what services they want to continue seeing from the SSA, what can be improved upon, and what ideas they have for new initiatives.

SSA #54 Map – Proposed Renewal Boundaries




What will the SSA renewal process look like? RPBA has created a community outreach process for renewal that goes above and beyond what is required in state legislation. The process will feature several engagement events, including: coffee chats with local business leaders, a survey of local business needs, and community-wide meetings. We want to hear from you outside of these events, too—so please reach out!  Property owners within the proposed SSA boundary will be notified about community meetings via mail. RPBA will submit a formal application to the City on or before June 12, 2020, after which another mailing will notify property owners of a public hearing to occur in October 2020. City Council will vote in October on whether to renew the SSA. If approved, an ordinance will delineate the renewed boundary and set a tax rate for the SSA.

  • Phase 1: Start-up and Feasibility (February)
  • Phase 2: Funding and Visioning (March)
  • Phase 3: Needs Assessment and Metrics (March)
  • Phase 4: SSA District Plan (March – April)
  • Phase 5: Outreach (March – November)
  • Phase 6: Application and Adoption (June-December)

Why do we need an SSA? An SSA is an economic development tool that brings businesses together to collectively decide how tax dollars can be spent locally to maintain and promote a shared business district. Today’s retail environment is challenging. Now more than ever, business owners understand the need to have a strategic and collaborative effort to identity common priorities, coordinate marketing efforts, and work with the larger Rogers Park community. An SSA can fund these goals and help local businesses stay competitive, attractive, and desirable for residents and customers alike.

What services are funded through the SSA? SSA-funded projects include: Advertising and Promotion, Business Improvement Program (BIP), Marketing, Landscape Rebate Program, Outreach, Public Way Aesthetics, Public Way Maintenance, Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF), and Tenant Retention/Attraction. Click on the SSA Services tab above to learn more!

How deos the SSA fund services? SSA services are funded from revenues collected from taxes levied or imposed upon properties within the SSA boundary. These funds are controlled locally, must stay in the community, and must be spent on services that achieve the mission of the Sheridan Road SSA.

What are the boundaries of the SSA? Sheridan Road SSA #54 currently includes Sheridan Road from Devon Ave to Farwell Ave.

Who governs the SSA? The City contracts with local nonprofits, called Service Providers, to manage SSAs. RPBA is the service provider for the Sheridan Road SSA, responsible for coordinating services, generating program reports, and recruiting SSA commissioners. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and determine the budget, workplan and sole service provider each year. Current SSA #54 Commissioners are:

    • Heather Hill (Chair) – Resident
    • Chris Bell (Secretary) – Business owner; Flatts & Sharpe Music Co.
    • Tony Fox (Treasurer) – Property & business owner; The 400 Theater
    • Jennifer Clark – AVP of Campus and Community Planning; Loyola University
    • Sara Blackstone Lukens – Business owner; ChiTown Magpie

Who sets the budget for the SSA? The Sheridan Road SSA #54 Commission manages and approves the budget. Revenue is collected by Cook County as part of the regular property tax collection process, and all funds must be spent within the SSA boundaries.

SSA #54 Services

SSA-funded programs and services include but are not limited to: Advertising and Promotion, Business Improvement Program (BIP), Marketing, Landscape Rebate Program, Outreach, Public Way Aesthetics, Public Way Maintenance, Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF), and Tenant Retention/ Attraction. Scroll down to view images celebrating some of SSA #54’s work and to learn more about each service!

  • Advertising and Promotion: We develop promotions, campaigns and business retention and attraction materials.
  • Business Improvement Program (BIP): We promote and revitalize the commercial buildings within the SSA by providing financial and technical assistance to owners and tenants who wish to improve their storefronts. Through this program, owners and tenants are eligible for a 50% rebate up to $5,000 on improvements made to their façade; application here.
  • Marketing: We market the business districts within the SSA #54 by organizing and providing funding to events and public art programs such as Summer on the Plaza and Polar Palooza.
  • Landscape Rebate Program: We promote beautification of the SSA by providing up to 50% of the associated costs with a maximum rebate not to exceed $500 for any landscaping planted outside the business within the Sheridan Road SSA #54 boundaries. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received until all funding is disbursed for the fiscal year; application here.
  • Outreach: We visit businesses within the SSA to provide technical assistance and ensure that business owners are aware of all the programs, services and resources available to them.
  • Public Way Aesthetics and Maintenance: We install holiday lighting, maintain street pole banners and purchase streetscape elements, as needed, and regularly conduct field checks of the public way.
  • Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF): We promote and revitalize the commercial buildings within the Tax Increment Financing District by providing financial advice and technical assistance to owners and tenants who wish to improve their storefronts. Through this program, they are eligible for a 50% rebate, up to $150,000, on improvements made.
  • Tenant Retention/Attraction: We hold business attraction workshops and give presentations to recruit new businesses to the commercial corridors and support current businesses. We also provide technical assistance to businesses and property owners including on-site visits.

News + Outreach

The SSA #54 Renewal Process is just getting started! Check back here for news and updates on outreach and engagement.

Advisory Meetings

  • March: Thurs, 12 at 8:30 a.m. Lake Shore Community Partners, 6443 N. Sheridan Rd.
  • April: Thurs, 16 at 8:30 a.m. This meeting will be held virtually.
    Google Hangout Meet: | Call-in: +1 609-779-1608‬ (PIN: ‪756 211 429‬#)

Sheridan Road SSA Input Brochure

We need your input. Click on the image below and learn more about the community overview and tell us your thoughts/comments on the SSA services.


As SSA #54 Renewal documents become available, they will be posted here. To view past SSA #54 documents (such as meeting minutes, audits, and applications) click here. 

2020 Advisory Agendas 2020 Advisory Minutes
March 12 March 12
April 16  

SSA #54 Map

RogersEdge Retail Guide

Sheridan Road SSA Input Brochure

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