Born and raised in Rogers Park, Gerald Pelissier, or better known around the neighborhood as Fat Boy, broke into the food scene with a Cajun style food truck a few years ago. One thing led to another and he opened up his southern Cajun style restaurant at 1636 Howard in March 2015. Ever since, he has been looking to step up his restaurant, not just offering delicious food but giving his customers a positive experience and partnering with other businesses.

Fresh Paint, New Beginning

He was so impressed with Sick Fischer’s Big Fruit mural that he asked the owner of Sol Cafe how he could get hooked up with something that creative and eye catching. Simone, loving his food introduced him to Sick Fischer, RPBA got involved and commissioned the artist to paint the entire place. Fischer finished the job within 5 days, while Fat Boy took advantage of the time to remodel the back of his restaurant with new flooring, paint and other kitchen improvements. When all was said and done, it’s not just a layer of fresh paint but he feels it’s a new beginning. “I have had dozens of pedestrians come by and try my food and compliment him on the paint job, people from all over the city,” he boasted. In fact, during my visit there were three different passer byers who poked their head in the door, wide-eyed and impressed.

Feeding The Community

“My favorite dish on the menu is hands down the fried chicken and BBQ jerk,” Fat Boy said.  Although, when asked if there was some type of secret special on the menu he responded, “The snack pack! For only $3.50 you can order anything on the Caribbean menu, load up a take out container and fill up your belly. This is my way of giving back to the community.”
Fat Boys offers event catering if you are hungry to feed your guests some of his famous fried chicken and rice.  He also donates food to the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival each year and looks forward to doing the same this August. “I am a true Rogers Park man, I spend my money in the community and see myself growing and expanding my business to spread more economic prosperity and good vibes!”

Be sure to check out the photos below and pay Fat Boy a much deserved visit.

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