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Rogers Park Business Alliance gathers data to provide the best picture to businesses looking for a location to open their new business or expand their business. Below is demographic information as well as retail demand/ data and tapestry analysis.

Rogers Park Demographic Information

Rogers Park Data, rogers-park-business-alliance

Retail MarketPlace Profile

Rogers Park Data, rogers-park-business-alliance

Tapestry Analysis

Tapestry is a proprietary consumer segmentation system marketed by ESRI Business Analyst services. The concept of consumer segmentation (also called “psychographics”) is based on the idea that household characteristics like age, income, background, and education affect consumer behaviors, but even people who share similar core characteristics (like age, income or race) often have different interests, values, and preferences. Tapestry is also tied to the idea that consumer types tend to cluster geographically.

The 67 Tapestry segments cover the whole country and are not specific to a geography; each one is a profile that describes a consumer type that may live in pockets or clusters in different U.S. cities or neighborhoods.
Source: Lakota Group 2017

Rogers Park Data, rogers-park-business-alliance

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Rogers Park Data, rogers-park-business-alliance

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