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Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA) loves Public Art in all its forms. We have conducted yarn bombings on Howard Street and Clark Street and have worked with amazing local, national and international artists to produce murals and sculptures throughout Rogers Park. We believe that Public Art is very powerful and has the potential to change a neighborhood. A study conducted in 2012 by The Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community initiative surveyed 43,000 people in 43 cities and found that “social offerings, openness and welcome-ness,” and, importantly, the “aesthetics of a place – its art, parks, and green spaces,” ranked higher than education, safety, and the local economy as a “driver of attachment” to choosing a place to live and open a business. Below is a list of our Public Art initiatives and projects.

Clark Street


6970 N. Clark Street: “Rogers Park Monstruo” by Juan-Carlos Perez (2015)
Created by Juan-Carlos Perez, this mural was painted during the Celebrate Clark Street World Music Festival.

Juan-Carlos Perez on Clark St.

Paint by Numbers (2016)
Created by Andrea Jablonski, this mural was painted during the Celebrate Clark Street World Music Festival.


Glenwood Avenue


Along CTA Glenwood Avenue embankment
Mile of Murals – A community-based public art initiative in the Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area #24. The project began in 2008, with the intention to nurture, promote and celebrate the arts-centered identity of Rogers Park. Over the last nine years, the Mile of Murals has commissioned 12 beautiful large-scale works, consisting of 7 block-long pieces, 6 viaducts, and one overpass: totaling of over 14,000 sq feet of painted walls. Our project’s goal is to paint a full mile of murals along the CTA Red Line track from Estes Avenue to Pratt Boulevard along the Glenwood Avenue train line. The project will result in 19 large-scale murals: ten block-long walls, seven viaduct walls, and two overpasses. New artists and themes are selected annually through a rigorous selection process juried by arts professionals and community leaders.

Howard Street


Along Howard Street

Howard Street Special Service Area #19 (SSA #19) Mural Art Initiative Program has completed seven artwork pieces and subsidize 3 business improvement signs and makeovers. The goal of the Initiative is to highlights a sophisticated, unique, easy-access neighborhood with many historical buildings, diverse shops and public transportation. Below is a listing of the completed murals and sculptures.

Howard and Clark: “Love Now: Our Future Belongs to All Of Us
Lea and Dustin Pinsky designed this piece around the overall theme of looking at one’s life path with confidence and hope and making positive choices that will benefit oneself and the community.


Howard and Hoyne: “We Are Here, Our Time is Now”
Lea and Dustin Pinsky wanted to make a work that recognizes the position of Rogers Park in the city of Chicago, state of Illinois, country of US, but also tells a story about family and community.


Howard and Paulina (on the Hello Howard Peterson Garden fence): “The Birds Have Landed on Howard” by John Airo (2015)
The Birds Have Landed on Howard


Howard and Ashland (behind Sol Cafe): “Big Fruit” by Sick Fischer (2015)
Big Fruit


Howard and Sheridan: Creative Collective by Matt Bourque (2015 & 2016)
Creative Collective

Mat Bourque on Howard St.


RPBA and SSA #19 partnered with Chicago Sculpture Exhibit to install sculptures every year on the south west corner of Clark Street and Howard Street.


Howard Street (exact location TBA): “Stage 1” by Amanda Marder (2015)
The sculpture stands 8′ x 6′ and is fabricated using mainly donated building materials. The structure stands hollow with a mesh lining to support growing plants, presenting life, growth and hope for the area.


Morse Avenue


Two sculptures created by local artist Andy De La Rosa. After Morse Avenue received a Streetscape and planters were left without foliage De La Rosa was commissioned to install sculptures created from found object on the planters. The Sculptures were removed once plantings were installed and they were moved to Morse Avenue in 2014. Only two sculptures remained, one on the 1300 block of Morse Ave. and the other on the 1400 block of Morse Ave.

pic-1      capture


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