Mayfly Mayhem

Andy Bellomo, Jennifer Kernica

Participatory Budgeting Murals

1800 W. Touhy Ave. (South Wall)

Mayfly Mayhem is a whimsically bittersweet tribute to living life to the fullest every day with a mayfly and multicultural unicorn-fish sharing the message. Andy Bellomo, is a mixed media artist, applying her perspective with stained glass, paint and glass etching. Influenced by the lines, motion and grittiness of her environments, she approaches her work with an endless energy.
Andy’s work explores and challenges classic lines and use of color. Her art is akin to quilt work with layers and patterns used to create movement and tell stories. She needs to imagine things and build things. Connecting previous projects to the ideas that are always percolating in her mind, Andy’s work is never-ending. Lines are a consistent theme and serve as the foundation for her work, giving it boundaries while also providing her with infinite possibilities.

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