These Request for Proposals (RFP) are currently seeking an experienced consultant to lead the reconstitution efforts for Howard Street Special Service Area (SSA) #19 and Sheridan Road Special Service Area #54 in Rogers Park. Both SSAs are slated to expire in 2021 and have received Notice to Proceed from the City to submit for reconstitution in 2020.

Each RFP includes a copy of the approved feasibility study as well as the Department of Planning and Development’s Designation Steps for New and Renewing Special Service Areas.

The completed proposal is due no later than January 22, 2020. Send completed proposals via email, to Cindy Plante at

You can view the full Howard Street SSA #19 RFP here and the Sheridan Road SSA #54 here.

All inquiries relating to these RFPs should be directed to:
Cindy Plante
Economic Development Manager