Marketing Tips

Share your specials, your hours of operations, your delivery and shipping alternatives with us at Anything that you are doing to promote your business. We will share it on our social media accounts and through our weekly email blast that goes out on Wednesdays.

If you need assistance email us to make a virtual appointment at or call us at 773-508-5885.

Announcements / Listings / Services

  • Let customers know if you are offering delivery and curbside pick up.
  • Announce on your website and social media accounts if you are closing, remaining open or if you are re-opening.

Donations / Fundraisers

  • Rogers Park Food Not Bombs is looking for donations of food that restaurants perhaps might not be able to use. Fill out form here.
  • Submit your fundraiser to the Chicago Service Relief directory here. You can also find a business to support.

Gift Cards

  • Businesses can set up an account with Square to create eGift Cards that can be sold online. Every business receives their own links that can be shared on social media and websites. Click here to sign up.
  • Yiftee can provide gift cards to sell on Facebook. Info here.

If you need assistance setting-up your gift card contact Rachel at

List your business services for free below (delivery, curbside, take out, etc.)

  • Add your restaurant/pub to the Dining at a Distance list for customers to find out if you are open and offering pickup, delivery or curbside service. Here.
  • Send your restaurant information to Chicago Tribune to be included in their list here.
  • We update a Rogers Park business listing here. Check that your business is listed and if we have the correct information. If you have any edits or need us to add your business, contact Ana at


  • We have compiled a list of ways customers can support businesses that you can use to encourage individuals to shop locally, here.
  • We created signs for food & beverage businesses that you can print and for your windows to display your hours and your services. If you can’t print let us know and we will make sure you get one, here.
  • The City has posters, flyers and other resources that businesses can print and place at their establishment. You can view the communication materials here.
  • The CDC created a graphic that can be used to help avoid the spread of germs. Find it here.
  • Below are two images you can download and use on social media to provide tips to customers on how they can support local businesses.

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