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Molly Costello

Vision Clark Street

6978 N. Clark St.


Molly’s design is a beautiful addition to this multicultural corridor and a celebration of its richly diverse community. A thoughtful and colorful rendition that exemplifies the rich and unique contributions of the local businesses. Molly used the brand designs of the corridors and her own signature style of using stars and constellations that allude to the connectedness through time; reaching into the past to ancestors and foster people’s imagination of what is to come. What do we want Rogers Park to look like in the future? This she sees as the most interactive aspect of the piece; playing with people’s imaginations around who used to be here and what are the community is building into the future together. Molly also added a bit of fun for people viewing the mural with the representation of several businesses to see they could figure out what business she is referencing without including specific logos and/or names. 

Molly’s is a food grower and community-minded artist based out of Rogers Park. Through her work, she explores concepts of connectedness; with our whole selves, with each other, our communities, with the natural world and the divine of the universe at large. Everything is interrelated.

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Vision Clark Street