Color Through Chaos

CJ Williams & Kristianna Jacques

Vision Clark Street

7036 N. Clark St.


The inspiration for this collaborative design speaks to the current state we are living in, in regards to racial injustice and the world’s uncertainty around COVID-19. CJ and Kristianna wanted to do a piece of work that portrayed many different colors and shapes working together through this difficult time to create something beautiful and uplifting. They also wanted to give the people of Rogers Park and Chicago something to gaze upon in hopes of bringing more peace, positivity, and inspiration through the words and imagery throughout the production. Color Through Chaos serves as a reminder to not give up hope, and that there is an amazing amount of resiliency within commUNITY.

Both CJ and Kristianna strive to give back to their communities. Creating together has allowed them each to explore new ways to create and express their art on larger scales. CJ is a methodical artist, often utilizing aspects of symmetry and clean line work. Kristianna creates organic shapes and flowing lines. Together, these aspects show a unique and cohesive piece bringing the best elements from each artist to establish a fresh perspective.

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Vision Clark Street