Attention all business owners!

Business Information Updates, rogers-park-business-alliance
Make sure that you keep your business information current on all your communication platforms; websites, social media, Google pages, Yelp, etc.
It is imperative that you communicate with your customers the correct hours of operations and your services (e.g. delivery, takeout/pickup and curbside).
If you are no longer providing one of these services or your hours have changed, update your info and state clearly what you do provide and at what hours.
For instance, if you are closed when your hours on your website say that you are open it’s very damaging to your business and your reputation.
  • Delivery: customer places an order via phone or online and the business delivers it to them.
  • Takeout or Pickup: customer places an order via phone or online and they go into the business to retrieve their order.
  • Curbside: customer places an order via phone or online and they drive to the business and wait for their order to be delivered by an employee of the business directly to their car.
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